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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day: Eco-friendly Party Tips

Last year in honor of Earth Day I wrote a post about eco-friendly gift wrap ideas. This year I'd like to discuss eco-friendly party tips.

  • use email invitations such as

  • Skip the disposable plates and cups - use reusable instead. Purchase a set in a color that you can use year after year. Also do this for tablecloths and napkins. White always works great or pink/blue for kids parties and baby showers. Stores such as HomeGoods, Target and Ikea are great resources.
  • For a tea party, shop Goodwill for an assortment of teacups so that each guest has a unique cup - send them home with the guests after the party (I got this idea from a friend's birthday party and I still have my special tea cup)
  • For a bridal shower purchase wine or martini glasses from a restaurant supply shop and have the guests decorate them with glass paints (available from craft stores) - serves both as their drink glass, craft project, and take home gift!
  • Use a party rental shop to rent plates, glasses, and tablecloths instead of purchasing disposable partyware. Some great local party rental shops include Party People, Andrews Party Rental
  • Use craft paper in place of a table cloth for a kids party and place crayons on the table for the little artists - recycle when the party is over.


  • Skip the individually wrapped snacks, water bottles and juice boxes
  • Purchase natural, organic and locally grown food when possible


  • Make your cake or party favors your table centerpiece instead of purchasing those paper and plastic themed centerpieces that will just be tossed after the party.
  • For kids parties, use toys that go along with your theme as decorations (either borrow from your kids collection or make the new toy part of their birthday gift)
  • For baby showers, purchase nursery decorations and use them for your party decor. You can also purchase some cute onsies and hang them from a clothesline, giving them to the mom-to-be as a gift after the shower.
  • Instead of balloons, use chinese lanterns or party pom poms which can be used for fun room decor later or reused for a future party

party favors & prizes

  • Skip the kid's goodie bag filled with small plastic toys - these don't usually work very well and got tossed right after the party. Instead give a gift that will be used long after the party - books, t-shirts, art supplies all would make great party favors.
  • Instead of cut flowers, use potted plants for room decor - these can be planted later or sent home with the guest of honor.
  • For prizes (for all those fun baby shower games) give gift certificates to a nail salon or coffee shop.
  • Edible party favors are always a hit
  • Skip the party favors and make a donation to a local charity in all of your guests names.

Not only are these tips eco-friendly but some save money and reduce clutter - all great things!!

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Do you have an eco-friendly party tips to share?


Not Just A Mommy! said...

What a great post! I've been about the tissue poms and lanterns, especially since it forces me to choose color schemes to reuse everything. I'm such a fan of 'practical' party favors and we always have a craft that doubles as one.

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Party Planning said...
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Party Planning said...

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